Book Squad

David and Oliver Gould experiencing the joy of reading!

Our belief is that good books belong in the hands of children.

We work to bring to children books that…

  • promote positivity and kindness
  • promote/inspire creativity
  • reflect and promote diversity and inclusiveness
  • are of high-quality writing and illustration

How it works…

Participants in Creativity Sparks will periodically receive a book, free of charge, that is a good fit. They may be sent to classrooms or to our young, individual participants who have shared their work with us.

Each book that is selected for Book Squad has either been featured in a Read Aloud with Barbara or in a Creativity Spark.

Book Squad Titles

To date, Creativity Sparks has donated the following titles to classrooms and participating children, through the generosity of The Alliance NC:

  • Superpower: Imagination, by Jacqui Shepherd
  • Peggy Noodle: Hula-Hoop Queen, by Dolly Dozier
  • One Heart, by Tara Drouin
  • M is for Mindful, by Robin Flanigan
  • Feel Like Eggs?, by Jeff Goodman
  • Erasable, by Linda Yiannakis
  • Digby of the Dinosaurs, by Linda Yiannakis
  • Don’t Ya?, by Cathy Woodyard

How can you help?

Book Squad is financially supported in partnership by The Alliance NC and WildesArt.

If you are an independent author and would like your book to be considered for Book Squad, please reach out. If you are in a position to donate a small quantity of books, we would love to partner with you. Of course, we understand the challenges and cost of independently publishing and will seek to find a mutually beneficial way to work together even if you can’t donate.

If you’d like more information about Book Squad or are interested in helping in some way, contact [email protected].

Book Squad is a partnership between WildesArt and The Alliance NC.

Supported in part by Chatham Arts Council and the NC CARES for Arts Grant.