Gerald’s New Shoes, by Nicola Carroll

Barbara’s Book Review

Gerald’s New Shoes is a wonderful book to encourage children to anticipate rhyme. It’s also a fun way to teach counting, including discussion of pairing. The bold illustrations match the sweet story of a spider named Gerald, who is in search of shoes after watching the family, with whom he lives, donning shoes. Gerald travels by bus to the shoe store, where a friendly assistant is a willing helper.

The illustrator, Meri Rehman, captures Gerald’s emotions very well through facial drawings.

I recommend this book for children, ages 3-8.

Educator Notes

This book may be useful for…

  • text-to-illustration connections
  • teaching counting
  • teaching pairs
  • written conversation
  • rhyming and anticipating rhyme

About the Author

Following a successful professional career in business, Nicola Carroll is now pursuing her passion of writing children’s books. Her love of rhyme, animals and humorous situations, are prevalent in her books.

Nicola is based in the UK, living in rural Scotland, where the local countryside with its abundance of local wildlife, inspiration for stories and characters are never too far away. She is currently working on her next book.

You can visit Nicola’s author page at:

About the Illustrator

From the author:
“This book is illustrated by meri_rehman. This was our first collaboration. My vision was to have Gerald as a friendly character that the reader would warm to (conscious that spiders are not always everyone’s favorite species!). With vibrant colors throughout the book and the humorous interpretation of the situations, I believe Meri has achieved this. Meri has more illustrated books available on Amazon.”


Copyright 2020 by Nicola Carroll. Used with permission.

How to Purchase

Gerald’s New Shoes (ISBN 978-1-8382205-0-1) is available through Amazon:

It is also available on IngramSpark.