Little Gift, by Bonnie Lady Lee

Barbara’s Book Review

Mixing fiction with non-fiction works well in this book by Bonnie Lady Lee. Young readers will enjoy the story of Little Gift, a young giant panda, as his friends bring him various foods to try. In a second chapter entitled Inside Out Corn, Little Gift discovers a piece of popcorn, which leads to a lesson on how corn grows and how it can be turned into popcorn. Bonnie Lady Lee weaves the story of Little Gift with facts about giant pandas and corn quite well. Young readers will enjoy the colorful illustrations and the ease in which they can learn through this book.

I recommend this book for children, ages 3-7.

Educator Notes

This book may be useful for…

  • an introduction to giant pandas
  • learning about corn and popcorn
  • learning to weave fiction with nonfiction
  • early learning about embedding graphics into nonfiction books
  • discussing kindness
  • discussing endangered animals

About the Author

Bonnie Lee Books is a children’s book company producing Educational Children’s Stories for beginning readers that teach a valuable life lesson. Bonnie Lee Books’ stories have a whimsical flair that introduces children to unique animals and their environment while developing the foundations for reading.

Bonnie Lee Books teach children how to be open to new ideas, and get them to think and apply these experiences to their own life. The stories focus on adventures and misadventures that these animals experience in their daily lives; so that children can be entertained and surprised with each turn of the page. What’s more there are “teaching moments” throughout her stories in which animals learn about unique diets, interaction with other animals that are different; or have a specific challenge. Bonnie Lee Books are created with the highest quality materials. They are case bound and have high gloss lamination to make colors more vivid and images sharper.


Copyright 2011 by Bonnie Lady Lee. Used with permission.

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