The Lost Smile, by Julia Stebbing

Barbara’s Book Review

This book features The Fabulous Five in a story about friendship and helping others. Poor Jasper Cat has lost his smile. He looks everywhere for it, and enlists the help of his animal friends, all of whom are more than willing to search high and low for Jasper’s smile. The illustrations are sweet drawings depicting the creatures looking inside and outside — and they’re fun to match with the rhyming text.

Four coloring pages are included at the end of the book!

I recommend this book for ages 4-10.

Educator Notes

This book may be useful for…

  • matching text with illustrations
  • teaching rhyme
  • conversation punctuation
  • readers’ theatre
  • discussion of friendship
  • discussion of helping others

About the Author

Julia Stebbing has seven grandchildren, has written for a long time and has recently launched her own publishing company, Sticky Bun Publishing. She enjoys codewords, plays boggle nearly every day and hopes to travel again soon. 

Visit her website at

About the Illustrator

Zuzanna Lipinska is also a grandmother and graduated in illustration from Warsaw University. 


Copyright 2020, Julia Stebbing and Zuzanna Lipinska. Used with permission.

How to Purchase

The Lost Smile: The Fabulous Five is available for purchase through Amazon: