Mother-Daughter Days on Russian Hill, by Barbara Bella

Barbara’s Book Review

This poetic memoir, written by Barbara Bella, reflects the joy she has experienced in celebrating life with her daughter, Bree. From strolling through their San Francisco neighborhood to playing Dress the Stuffed Animals, Name Games, floating in the ocean, and more, the author relishes in the moments she shares with her daughter. We watch Bree grow up through each chapter, and celebrate their continued close mother-daughter relationship.

Mother-Daughter Days on Russian Hill – Tales of Love and Laughter celebrates the simple times, and reminds us how important such moments are when they are shared with someone we love. The watercolor illustrations by Amber Rae Malott are sweet and colorful.

I recommend this book for children, ages 4-14, and adults, too!

Educator Notes

This book may be useful for…

  • teaching memoir
  • teaching poetry
  • combining poetry with memoir
  • creating timelines to be used in poetry and prose
  • embracing and celebrating simple moments

About the Author

Barbara Bella with daughter, Bree

In rhyming verse, this first-time author, Barbara Bella, recalls all the fun and magic of simple, spontaneous days spent with her daughter on iconic Russian Hill, San Francisco. Mother-Daughter Days on Russian Hill speaks to the special bond of love and trust between mother and child that comes from taking the time to play and be together.

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About the Illustrator

Amber Rae Malott

Rising artist Amber Rae Malott has created gorgeous and soothing watercolor illustrations for Mother-Daughter-Days on Russian Hill. In an age of all things digital, this children’s book is entirely hand-drawn and painted.


Copyright 2020 by Barbara Bella. Used with permission.

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