But How Will I Learn From Home? by Mary Catherine Hillman

Barbara’s Book Review

So very relevant to the current state of education, But How Will I Learn From Home? addresses a child’s initial concerns about not learning in the usual school setting, but learning remotely from home. The author promotes the importance of children having a “learning area.” Through the boy’s eyes, we see what it is like to have a virtual classroom with familiar faces and routines, but how learning from home can also bring about distractions for learners.

The illustrations by Stephanie Wenny connect very well with the narrative in this book, using bright colors and details that children will love.

All children who are learning from home or learning through a hybrid model between school and home will connect with the character’s apprehension and experience. This is a timely book for parents, grandparents and teachers to read with their children and students.

I recommend this book for school-aged children, ages 5-12.

Educator Notes

This book may be useful for…

  • text-to-illustration connection
  • text-to-self connection between the main character and reader
  • ideas for signals students can use on video
  • ideas for scheduling learning time and recreation time at home
  • reinforcing the importance of setting up a learning area in the home for students
  • understanding that students’ learning areas can vary
  • promoting positive attitude

About the Author

Mary Catherine Hillman is an educator with over 18 years experience in the field. She received her Master of Arts in Elementary Education and a special education certificate as well as a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership. Mary Catherine has taught a variety of grades at the early childhood level, as well as pragmatic language groups and struggling readers and is passionate about helping students learn to read, write and become lifelong, joyful learners.

Visit Mary Catherine’s website at https://haffandhawfbooks.com/ and email her at [email protected].


Copyright 2020 by Mary Catherine Hillman. Haff & Hawf Books, New York City. Used with permission.

How to Purchase

English and Spanish versions of But How Will I Learn From Home? are available from the author’s website, https://haffandhawfbooks.com/ (ISBN: 978-1-7355897-5-6).

If you order through the author’s website, use the code SPARKS10 for 10% off all products through November 30, 2020!!!!

You can also purchase the e-book through Amazon at the link below: