Feel Like Eggs?, by Jeff Goodman

Barbara’s Book Review

Kids will enjoy tapping into their emotions through Jeff Goodman’s new book, Feel Like Eggs? Using fun illustrations by Gabriella Urbina, paired with Goodman’s rhyming verse, readers may better understand how they are feeling and start to delve into why they may be feeling a certain way. But most importantly, the author reminds us throughout that no matter how we’re feeling, it’s okay. This is a book that will help kids gain understanding and acceptance of themselves and others.

Feel Like Eggs? has been positively reviewed by many educators and others who work in the field of social-emotional development. It is a wonderful tool to use when working with kids.

I highly recommend this book for children, ages 6-12.

Educator Notes

This book may be useful for…

  • discussing emotions
  • promoting social-emotional well-being
  • giving children the vocabulary to use when discussing their feelings
  • understanding feelings of ourselves and others
  • acceptance of emotions
  • promoting that we all feel different ways at different times, and accepting and respecting one another’s feelings
  • connecting text with illustrations
  • teaching rhyming

About the Author

Starting with Editor’s Corner exercises in third grade, Jeff Goodman has long found joy in the magic of the written word. Drawn to the world of children’s literature for its unique ability to impart life lessons, Jeff wrote Feel Like Eggs? to help kids understand and express the feelings they experience in their daily lives.

As an award-winning journalist and school communications specialist, Jeff has written extensively about education, child development and social-emotional learning. He currently works in communications at UCLA.

An alumnus of UC Berkeley, Jeff lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter. He enjoys playing basketball, spending time at the beach, solving crossword puzzles and volunteering with childhood literacy organizations.

Learn more about Jeff at www.jeffgoodmanauthor.com.

About the Illustrator

Gabriella Urbina is from Sweden, a country where 400,000 wild moose are roaming free in the woods. Gabriella grew up an only child among trolls, elves and other mystical forest creatures and developed an affection for dreaming, drawing and reading, which earned her a degree in Fine Art and, later, a job within digital media. After 25 years of freezing cold winters, Gabriella moved to the sunny beaches of California and started working as an artist for Hollywood movies. For the last five years, Gabriella has been working in the children’s picture book industry as a writer and illustrator, and is now living in Venice Beach with her family.


Copyright 2021, by Jeff Goodman. Used with permission.

How to Purchase

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