Don Gateau: The Three-Legged Cat of Seborga, by Diane Kane

Barbara’s Book Review

As a cat lover, the story of Don Gateau is dear to my heart. Set in Seborga, Italy, this feral cat leads an independent life until an accident delivers him into a new world filled with love and kindness. The artist he had watched paint from afar becomes his rescuer and best friend. This book teaches us compassion, perseverance, and helps us to understand that we are all unique in our own ways — “uniquely perfect,” as the author suggests.

This book is written in verse, and is beautifully illustrated by Don Gateau’s best friend, Linda McCluskey.

I recommend this book for children ages 4-12. Adults will love it, too!

Educator Notes

This book may be useful for…

  • teaching compassion and caring for others
  • discussion of rescue and fostering
  • reminding children that we are all different and just right in our own unique ways
  • teaching about perseverance and overcoming obstacles
  • teaching rhyme
  • learning about Seborga, Italy

Don Gateau, image courtesy of the author

About the Author

Diane Kane’s short stories and poetry have been published in numerous anthologies and publications. She self-published and co-authored Flash in the Can Number One, and Number Two, books of short stories. Diane was instrumental in forming Quabbin Quills, a non-profit writer’s group. QQ has published three anthologies of work by local authors and offers scholarships to area seniors. Diane also writes community interest articles for Uniquely Quabbin Magazine. She recently published her first children’s book, Don Gateau the Three-Legged Cat of Seborga in four languages. Diane chases her dreams of writing in the woods of Massachusetts and on the rocky shores of Maine.

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About the Illustrator

Linda McCluskey is an American artist living both in Paris and Seborga, Italy with her 3- legged cat, Don Gateau. Her paintings have the soft, curviness of dreams and memories. Whether painting rooftops of Paris or villages along the sea, her unique vision of the world invites us in to dance with life.

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Copyright 2019 Diane Kane. Illustrations copyright 2019 Linda McCluskey. Used with permission.

How to Purchase

Don Gateau: The Three-Legged Cat (ISBN 9781732397347) is available in English, French, Italian and Spanish on many online book sites, including Amazon: